EV Charging Locations

EV Charging Station | Electrify America | Hyundai USAThe entire auto industry has already begun the transition of switching to all-electric cars. Being aware of this, Hyundai aims to give customers a strong alternative to gas-powered cars with models such as the Hyundai IONIQ Electric. Where to charge these electric vehicles is a worry for many people considering purchasing all-electrics. This is understandable, and it hasn't always been simple. Having said that, there will be more EV charging locations available as more automakers release EVs.

Benefits of Hyundai EVs

In addition to an increase in charging stations, there are many benefits to owning an EV. For starters, it saves the average family hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs. As any car owner knows, when gas prices rise unexpectedly, that puts a lot of pressure on personal finances. Electricity pricing is much more stable and cheaper too.


The typical American household spends about 15 percent of its annual revenue on transportation. But the same household might save up to $1000 a year with an EV. In reality, it frequently costs less than $8 to charge a 60 kilowatt-hour EV. Energy prices are often far less variable than oil prices, which is another advantage. Moreover, maintenance expenses are lower, and prices are competitive.

EV Charging Locations

Where do I charge Hyundai EVs is the logical follow-up query. There are already more than 166,000 charging stations in the US as of 2023. When the number of EVs on US highways hits two million, that number-which includes Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging ports-will only increase. By the end of this decade, according to some projections, that number could reach 28 million, therefore charging stations will be necessary to keep up with demand. There are already stations spread out across the surrounding area, including eight public charging stations right here in Kenosha, WI.

Hyundai Electric Vehicles

There is no need for a gas engine to operate the Hyundai IONIQ 5. The all-electric Kona is the same. Of course, the automaker also provides hybrids or plug-in hybrids for models like the Hyundai Sonata sedan and Tucson SUV. With an 800V DC charger-one of the quickest charging rates available-both the IONIQ and the Kona quickly reach full charge.

Rosen Kenosha

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