Blind Spot Monitoring

When you visit Rosen Hyundai Kenosha to see the large inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, you will also be excited to learn about Hyundai's award-winning safety technology, like blind-spot monitoring, in their automobiles. Stop by Rosen Kenosha and speak with a member of our sales team about the state-of-the-art blind spot monitoring today!

Hyundai Technology

Hyundai continues its amazing record of safety technology with blind-spot monitoring featured on most of its new vehicles. Blind-spot monitoring allows for a better view of traffic surrounding your vehicle using cameras and sensors to provide safety for you and your passengers. An array of sensors found in the rear bumper will track vehicles that are close and in adjacent lanes where they are not likely to be seen.

Hyundai Blind Spot Monitor is activated by your turn signal while in drive and going over 20 mph. Using cameras located on each outside mirror, blind spot technology will display a live video feed of blind spots on the instrument cluster display providing you with a view of the side of your vehicle and nearby cars. Your digital tachometer will be replaced temporarily by the live video while the blind spot monitoring feature is activated.

When you activate your turn signal, the Hyundai Blind Spot Detection warns you that a vehicle is in your blind spot by using audio and visual alerts. In addition to the amber light on each outside mirror indicating vehicles approaching on the sides, blind spot detection will also give an audio warning, flashing of mirror indicators, or steering wheel vibration, depending on your model.

Blind Spot Monitoring Safety

While you feel safer with Hyundai's blind-spot monitoring technology offered on most of its vehicles, you should not rely solely on the technology to protect you and your passengers. As you enjoy Hyundai's award-winning, luxurious vehicles like the Hyundai Palisade, you must utilize the mirrors and be aware that if the cameras are obscured in some way, the technology may not be as accurate.

The Hyundai Palisade Blind View Monitor offers clear and precise video of other cars surrounding or approaching your vehicle, but it is the driver's responsibility to stay alert, look over your shoulder, look through the mirrors, and make sure there are no cars in your blind spot before switching lanes.

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