Remote Parking Assist

If you've ever struggled to get out of tight parking spaces or dread parking in compact areas, the Hyundai remote park system may be just for you. Remote Smart Parking Assist Hyundai, also known as RSPA, is a feature that allows drivers to park their car or pull out of a parking space while remaining outside the vehicle. Currently, this feature is available for the Hyundai Sonata Limited trim.

Using the Remote Parking Assist

Drivers can access the remote parking assist through a digital key or the car's key fob. The digital key is currently only available for Android users. Before activating the parking assist, the car engine must be on, and all doors need to be locked. Follow these steps when using the remote parking assist.


  1. To park your car, pull your vehicle in front of the space you wish to park in.
  2. Place your Sonata in the park position.
  3. Press the RSPA button located on the center console.
  4. Stand outside of your vehicle with your smart key.
  5. Press and hold the RSPA forward or backward button on the key to successfully park or pull your car out.
  6. To pull out, you can unlock the doors, turn on the engine and move the car out of the parking spot remotely on the smart key.


When using the parking assist, the owner's manual states that the user must be within 13 feet of the vehicle. You also won't be able to stand directly behind or in front of the vehicle. Additionally, the Sonata can move up to 23 feet while holding the button. Holding it a second time allows you to move the vehicle another 23 feet.

How It Works

The Sonata is equipped with parking sensors to detect the vehicle's location and nearby objects. Furthermore, the sensor can detect both motion and stationary objects. This system will straighten out the wheels for you before parking.

If you let go of the remote or hit the stop button, the car will come to an immediate halt. Or, if it detects a nearby object like a curb or vehicle, it'll automatically stop or turn the steering wheel to avoid the detected obstacle. Despite the convenience of the parking assist, it's important to watch over your vehicle when using the system to prevent accidents.

When Should You Use the Remote Parking Assist?

The system is quite versatile in that it can be used in most parking situations. Some examples include:

       Parallel parking

       An empty or crowded parking lot

       In a driveway

       An apartment parking space with a wall or vehicles beside it


Hyundai manufacturers didn't design the feature to replace parking your car completely. Rather, it's an excellent technology to supplement your parking. For example, if you're boxed in by surrounding vehicles, you can step out of the vehicle to gauge distances and control the car remotely. Or, if you happen to miss the parking line, you can easily adjust remotely. Lastly, if you dread squeezing into tight garages or parallel parking spaces at home, the remote parking assist can make your life much easier.


There are two exceptions where the remote parking system may not be ideal. This feature isn't a great fit for diagonal parking and driving up any hills to park.

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