Smart Cruise Control

Traffic rarely proceeds at a steady rate. It frequently speeds up and slows down, forcing you to hit the acceleration or brake pedal constantly. The innovative Smart Cruise Control allows you to maintain the desired speed and a safe distance between your vehicle and the one ahead. This means you won't have to press on the gas or brake pedal continuously to maintain a certain speed.

This Hyundai technology was once considered a feature only available for luxury vehicles. Today, many modern Hyundai vehicles have it, and fortunately, you can get them at Kenosha Hyundai.

How Does Smart Cruise Control Work?

The system works because a forward-mounted radar sensor emits radar waves that reflect off the of the car ahead in the same land. This lets the sensor pick up on the speed and distance of the car. This feedback loop works instantaneously since the waves travel at the speed of light.

Is Smart Cruise Control Reliable?

Radar-based technology has been used in many other industries for many years. In the Korean War, radar technology was used to detect the distance and speed of enemy aircraft. Also, the technology was also used during the aerospace Apollo Program's lunar excursion.

The radar-based adaptive technology has been used for decades and acts as a reliable system for ensuring safe driving. In fact, it's been proven that using cruise control systems can decrease the risks of accidents since it usually promotes increasing following distances and fewer lane changes. Furthermore, maintaining a continuous speed prevents hitting the brake or acceleration pedal, which significantly uses less fuel.

How to Use Smart Cruise Control in Your Hyundai Vehicle

You can turn the smart cruise control on or off by pressing the cruise button on the steering wheel. Press the "resume set" switch down to set the desired cruise control speed or reduce the vehicle speed. In contrast, you can press the "resume set" switch up to resume cruise control or to increase vehicle speed. Hit the cancel button to cancel the cruise control operation.

Once the cruise control technology is on, you can set the desired minimum distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Adjust the distance by pressing the "vehicle-to-vehicle" distance button. You can choose from pre-set distances, such as "distance one, distance two, distance three, and distance four." Distance one is the closest to the vehicle ahead, and distance four is the farthest. Every time you turn the system on or off, the vehicle will remember the last distance you've used. Additionally, you can also adjust the smart cruise control's sensitivity, so your vehicle can adapt to the traffic conditions. For example, cruise control can react quicker based on heavy traffic.

Difference Between Adaptive Cruise Control System and 

Hyundai's Smart Cruise Control

There are a few reasons that Hyundai's cruise control is better than conventional adaptive cruise control systems. First, smart cruise control can detect when the vehicle ahead has slowed down or stopped. Your Hyundai vehicle will respond and automatically adjust by slowing or stopping to keep a safe distance. It's often used in conjecture with the Stop and Go feature, the Hyundai vehicle will begin driving again once the vehicle ahead has moved forward.

Furthermore, unlike adaptive cruise control systems, Hyundai's cruise control works even in rainy or snowy weather. That's because the front-mounted radar works even when the vehicle's grille gets dirty.

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